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The Charge:
"Take all that I have given you to do and.....
"Work while it is day,
for night cometh when no man can work"
John 9:4

These are the works
A Virtuous One!
Apostle Arnetta (G-DOT) Salazar
(God's Daughter of Thunder - Netta!) 
"Virtuous Works" are the compiled works of a visionary; doing what Jesus did and even greater works!
As a servant leader in the Chicago Roseland Community it is my first work (home) area, then on to Kenya, East Africa and Ghana, West Africa (and any where else God says so) to serve those in need there under two great ministries. 
The majority of the works I perform as led by the Holy Spirit have been unbelievably awesome! Whether it's Education, Helps, Support to Churches, Counseling, Mentoring and Encouragement to those that are in need or Outreach, Missions, being an Advocate to victims of Abuse (DV) or Edifying The Body of Christ or just the need of lots and lots of God's Agape love, I serve!  
The Vision: To promote and provide Christian Love, Service  and Solution!
Our Purpose: To provide solutions through Christian ministry work and other resources.
Our Mission: Sharing the love of God, through the ministry work of Jesus Christ!
Our Belief: Jesus Christ, is Lord all!
God The Father .....
He is our Daddy!
What he likes we like!
What he hates we hate!
What He loves, we present to Him, our praise and our worship!
Faith - we've got it! Can't please God without it!
God The Son ....
He is our Mediator, Big Brother and Friend!
He is Jesus, The Christ ....we are joint heirs with Him!
What he teaches, we learn, live and teach others!
What he wants, we want him to have.
We lay down our life - We give it to Him!
His love, we receive, his love, we share!
His ministry, we first receive, then we minister it to all!
God The Holy Ghost..
He is our Agent in the earth keeping us God-Connected!
He is omni-present (everywhere)!
He is omniscient (all knowing)!
He is our Comforter and Friend!
He is our Teacher! 
He is another wonderful gift from God to us!
 We Are A Ministry of Holy Excellence! 
Its a ministry that operates on the perspective and intellect of God! It is a ministry of more than just excellence, it is of Holy Excellence where we maintain godly integrity! 
My assignment is global! I Serve the Lord by Serving Others! To pray for, intercede and warfare on behalf of the Body of Christ and nations international and world wide!
Our ability to serve is made possible by donations made  from donors, visitors, friends and partners who are hearers and eye witnesses to what God does through this ministry.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as a partner in hopes that the vision alone inspires you to run with it. Join me as we do the works of Christ, Jesus in the Kingdom of God, here on earth! 
Virtuous Works for Christ Global Ministries, Inc. "
Serving the Lord by serving others!"  
Unless otherwise noted all events are held at:
Heaven Hands Ministries International Church, Inc.
Apostle Arnetta Salazar
Overseer Founding Sr. Shepherdess
55 E. 115th Street 
Chicago, IL 60628 
For schedule click  "Itinerary" to see future "Events/Itinerary."
Messages Center & Fax: 877 591-7758 (toll free)
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Blessings to you!
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