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Constellation: A gathering of; a group of
Apostle: An Emissary called to be "Sent"
Called and Sent, to call Apostles of God  
into alignment With God's purpose
for such a time as this,
the End-Times!

PHASE-II has begun!

 Every 2nd Saturday of the Month
(March - December)

2 - 5 p.m. (CST)

(12 noon - Pacific; 1 p.m. - Mountain; 3 p.m. - Eastern) 

Location: 8528-26 S. Racine Street, 
Chicago, IL 60620


Phone: 877 591-7758 (Toll Free) 

2 - 3 Devotion & Pastoral Care for Leaders 
3-4 Round Table Current Events
4 - Q & A 
4:30 Lunch & Fellowship 

WHAT IS  T.C. O. T. A. ? 

We are a global gathering of the Five-fold and Church Leaders  of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Uniting in this end-time movement to do the assigned work as was left by Christ, Jesus, for His followers to continue His work until He returns. We seek God, His leadership and blessings to be supported by His Dunamis power as we go forth! We seek to hear Him speak and give direction and confirmation through dreams, visions, mysteries and revelations. We are a gathering of Leaders willing to do His work as we minister from the perspective of God, to His people, fulfilling the heart's desire of God, not man's. We are leaders united preparing self and the Church of Jesus Christ, for His return. 

Our Purpose

To establish a network of God fearing Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers who will preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as is for the sake of saving and harvesting souls for the Kingdom of God. In Phases, we will increase the knowledge of spiritual insight and revelations to the network of ministers; to keep their “Irons” hot, sharp and ready to strike as they preach the “true” Gospel of Christ!    To establish a “bank” of Ministers full and rich in that knowledge along with God’s Word, who will “go” penetrate churches with the “true” end-time messages and the Gospel of Christ, as led by the Holy Spirit!

Our Goal

•To assemble monthly during each phase. •To become better acquainted with like minds. •To welcome the Holy Spirit to align us with God. •To hold a “wildfire” time of knowledgeable prayer. •To enjoy the freedom of true Praise and Worship. •To hear prophetically what the Spirit is saying. •To seek out the mysteries of God. •To operate in the “Gifts.” •To experience the “prophetic” move of God. •To feast, fellowship and love one another. •To pray for more insight from God, and meet often.

PHASE I - The Constellation of The Apostles

On January 25, 2011, the Holy Spirit called me to a study on the  "constellations" of the Bible. What is that? It is the study of the stars created, grouped and placed in the firmament (the heavenliest) by God.
While the focus was on the various groups of stars (Orion and Pliades) they are "stars" named, grouped, appointed and placed by God in the firmament. Their assigned places are over the regions of the earth and with purpose. To rule and identify the times.
Just as the various bodies in the heavenlies are presently re-aligning and shifting, Planets (Venus), Solar Flare sun explosions releasing its crusts bringing attention to the possibilities that its debris could cause electrical outages in the earth, eclipses of the sun by the moon creating a ring of fire, so is God calling forth those of the first office that he set in place (1 Corinthians 28:12) for the church.
God, is calling into alignment His apostles. Why? For rule over the various regions of the earth to identify the times naturally and spiritually and to operate in the power of God, in signs, miracles and wonders. Why? Because the "beginning of sorrows" are shifting! 
....and I heard the Lord say that the "beginning of sorrows" are no longer at the beginning but we have entered into the time of sorrows themselves.
Then I heard the Lord say,
"Arnetta, rise up and call together the apostles in Chicago and tell them that while everything in the earth is being aligned, I too am aligning the apostles in this hour for my purpose."
"I have aligned and grouped the constellation of stars in the heavens over regions to bear witness to the times and I AM aligning and grouping my apostles strategically over regions in the earth to do the same, bear witness to the times."
"Tell them I AM said, come, come to me and come together into alignment with me and my purpose!"
On Monday night March 28, 2011, I answered the call and I held the first meeting inviting the Apostles I was instructed to notify. It was through the revealed and interpreted dreams and visions that God released me to share, that verified that God is talking to us.
God said to me,
"Everything is re-aligning into prophetic order! Prophetic order is an order. The true Christian has been taught and prepared for this order for it is again a time where super natural will encounter super natural, the great news is that we, the true Believers win because of Jesus Christ!"
"Arnetta, prepare the apostles and tell them to prepare the leaders of the churches, tell the church leaders to prepare my people for me!" "Tell them to get it in order!"
MY MISSION - To cry loud in the assemblies and gatherings of, The Constellation of the Apostles in Chicago and where he leads me. To gather monthly for the purpose of:
  1. Coming into aligning with God in this hour for His purpose.
  2. Revealing and sharing information from God as He reveals it
  3. Preparing for that which is to come.
God revealed that the "beginning of sorrows" (Mt 24:7-8; Mk 13:8) has now shifted, they've moved from the "beginning" into the "sorrows" themselves. This is where we are today, we are now in the time of "sorrows."
Then I heard God say, "The Fourth Seal, the fourth seal!"
January 23, 2012 - Revelation 6: 7-8  
7. And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
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Virtuous Works for Christ Global Ministries, Inc.
Apostle Arnetta Salazar
Meeting Location: Heaven Hands Ministries Int'l Church
355 E. 115th Street, Chicago, IL 60628
Ch. Phone: 773 366-8085

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THE T.C.O.T.A. Buzz......Testimonials

Wikipedia defines Constellation as a term used in modern astronomy to mean an internationally defined area of the celestial sphere, areas that are grouped around patterns that represent the shapes that gives the name to the constellation.
The Constellation of Apostles centers around a certain spiritual DNA grouping that has establish itself of like mindedness and sphere anointing as “stewards of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.”
Apostle Salazar, through the release of the information from the dreams, visions, mysteries and revelations of God that she has shared proves she is a steward indeed. As a steward called and sent by God to call other stewards together to be watchers on the wall to declare the activity of God and His Kingdom in the earth.

Apostle Dr. Sylvester Paul Brinson, III
Governing Apostle
Hope Outreach Ministries Inc.
Chicago, IL

It was confirmed that Apostle Arnetta Salazar was called by God to start The Constellation of The Apostles. I can say it was a blessing to me every time I attended. Much information was shared and revelations revealed about the future coming of Christ. I became more aware of the signs of the times; made aware of even through current weather patterns. The information I obtained led me as an Apostle and Overseer of my church to invite Apostle Salazar to do a monthly teaching on dreams, visions, mysteries and revelations. I felt this information was a need to know for the body of Christ. As the body of Christ we need to be instructed in the area of dreams and visions. This is something not taught in our churches. God revealed directions to His servants in scriptures through dreams and visions and I believe He is doing it again in this day. I felt honored by God to be able to attend because I never felt I was a dreamer.  However, being in this group made me more aware of other ways that God ministers to His people about future things. I believe Phase II is going to take us deeper. 

Apostle Charlene Crossley
Church On The Way Praise Center
Chicago, IL

Wonder and amazement! Excitement and joy, many questions and the desire for divine confirmation of all information, and marching orders regarding my designated roll if any. I heard the unveiling of end time revelation regarding preparedness that was given to Apostle Salazar. Apocalyptic literature that talked of the events leading up to end times were shared and in some instances happening and observed in present day news and events. I was encouraged to pray for our government and those in authority who are participating in this end time disaster on families, our children and the nations. The word of God tells us to get wisdom and knowledge then with all of our getting with that to get understanding and that is what I received as an attendee on end time events. 

Apostle Dr. Carolyn L. Vessel
Overseer/Founding Pastor
Way of Life Church International
Chicago, IL

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