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came up to her for judgment." 
Judges 4:3
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This page is dedicated to the heroic people who have been through the "going through" came out of it and lived to tell it so that others can know it, be encouraged by it and make it through too, and that with God!
May your life be Encouraged, Empowered and Embraced by the same love that touched and changed mine, the LOVE of GOD. A love that made me a "Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ!" A love so powerful that it transformed the woman I was into the Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ, that God desired me to be!
My Short Story

Inspired, from my mother's pain, as her victim, the late Mrs. Vivian Jean Armour, unfortunately she didn't make it out to tell of it, she lived and died in it. Her pain not only affected me, it impacted my life so great that now, because I live (in Christ, Jesus), I share my story in hopes that it will cause a positive impact in the lives of those that not only know it, but hear it and or read it.
At the age of almost five years old I had my first crisis, the sudden death of my father. The crisis destroyed our home as well as my mother's mind! Functioning dis-functionally, she carried on in an attempt to raise us, her children (my brother and I).    

At the age of 11 many things began to happen in my life. I had my first spiritual encounter, a visitation from the Lord in the form of a vision and at the same time I had my first abusive episode. I became a victim of my mother's pain as she abused me for the next 5 years. Both, the beautiful and the brutal events wrestled and fought for territorial control of me and my life. As a result of that war, I became a product of my surrounding.
By the age 16 I had been sexually abused by men and women in my family. By the time I became a young woman aged 21, I had become someone unidentifiable to my self until I looked deeper within. I had become the product of she who had raised and victimized me for years. The life I lived in her likeness as a whore monger, social drinker, sex and porn addict who became a self taught teacher of the same took me on the ride of my life. One that ended in a crash where I died but God didn't allow it to destroy me. Raised by the resurrection power of God. I rose up to serve him with what was left of my life and that's when real life began. 
As I came closer to God's time of learning my life purpose and my assignment here in the earth, the war intensified. Only this time I became the victor, conquering and defeating the same devil that tried to defeat me. Today, by the love and hand of God, I am a Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ TM. How God transformed and renewed my life and transitioned me from who and what I was to who I am is miraculous!
Now I assist others in the same and it is a joy to watch as God transforms them into what he purposed them to be.

Testimonies from those who has rested under "Deborah's Tree!"
Only Believe!
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Sherry Bryan - 9/12/13
Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for all of your teachings; how to pray; how to warfare and for teachings on intercessory prayer; how to read and understand the Bible (still learning).
Thank you for helping me to know the gift(s) God has given me. Thank you for developing my gifts and for teaching me how to use them. Thanks for imparting your knowledge of administration, Order and how to recognize when things are out of order. Thank you for your support and love. Lastly, thank you for just being the Woman of God that you are. Miss you, love you and praying for you always.
Prophetess Sherry Bryan 

Seretha Nobbins - 02/06/13
The lady I am going to honor today represents the word Phenomenon. There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. If you knew her story you would stand up and applaud her strength! Apostle Arnetta Armour-Salazar, was introduced to me during my season of Reconnecting with Self. Little did I know it was going to change my life forever. Maya Angelou, taught us to RISE! Apostle Arnetta Armour-Salazar is a woman sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted - there is practically nothing she can't do. I am humbled to be under her counsel and honored to call her friend. I celebrate with you as you are blessed to see another year! ( Happy Birthday) Thank you for all that you contribute in my life! Phenomenon you are, Phenomenon you continue to be!
My life before becoming a Lady of the Lord consisted of depending on my pastor to bring me salvation. I rarely studied the Word, prayed or fasted. I also struggled with a gambling addiction. I thought the casino would bring forth my ultimate blessing, which in my mind was a huge cash reward. My life as a Lady of the Lord is full of learning more about Jesus, praying, fasting and showing others Christ-like love. I no longer turn to gambling to run away from my problems; instead I turn to my savior Jesus Christ. I know that the ultimate blessing is having my soul saved and resting assure that God knows me as his child.My gratitude for the ministry Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ is so great because they have always stood by me through all of my struggles and always steered me towards Christ.
No ministry is perfect, but this one strives, soars above average expectations and shows women that there is always hope. Thanks to this ministry I have gained a support system that is full of beautiful, down to earth, and God fearing women!
My life before becoming a Lady of the Lord was full of envy, hate, and doubtfulness. I lacked self-esteem and looked to men and compliments from others to make me feel beautiful. I held in all of my emotions and thought I had to bear all of my burdens alone. My life as a Lady of the Lord is so full of joy! I never feel alone or abandoned. I know that as long as I have Jesus, I have someone to share my burdens and struggles with. He and the Father remind me constantly of how much I am loved and the beauty I possess.
My gratitude for the ministry cannot be explained in mere words. I have no doubt that the bond that has been created through our sisterhood will always prevail through our struggles. This ministry provides a safe haven for women to heal and more importantly grow closer to God. 
My life before becoming a Lady of the Lord was confusing!  I didn’t know how to be a lady of the Lord.  I thought that if I just go to church on Sundays that was enough.  The rest of the week I was drinking, fornicating, cursing, among other things.  I had a yearning for better but I needed some Godly direction on how to become a Lady of the Lord that God was calling me to be. My life as a Lady of the Lord has been a time of deliverance and pure joy.  I no longer drink, fornicate, or curse!
God has changed my life and turned me into the lady of the Lord that he wants me to be!  I don’t live a life pleasing men but I wake everyday pleasing God! My gratitude for the ministry Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ is overwhelming because of this ministry I found what true friendships really mean.  I found a place where Christian women pray with me, prays for me and will fast on my behalf and they don’t want anything in return!  I am a warrior for Christ because of this ministry. 
Evangelist Amanda Brown   
My life before becoming a Lady of the Lord was filled with passivity & fear of confrontation with others.  I just wanted to keep peace with everyone no matter what it took even if it meant my feelings being hurt.  I wanted everyone to like me and I wanted to get along with everyone. My life as a Lady of the Lord means I am not the woman I use to be!  I am no longer passive and I am honest with myself and with other people. God has healed my mind and delivered me from the fear of people. He has set me free from the bondage of oppression from others.    
My gratitude for the ministry Ladies of the Lord is just simply thanks to God for this great ministry. I didn’t know how real freedom really felt until I became apart of this ministry. I wake up every morning happy and I have a prayer line with women every morning. This ministry taught me what real godly women are supposed to do, become as well as how to live as a holy woman of God. Now, I can truly say I am A Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ! 
Missionary Arether Brown 
This is grandpa and I just happen to be a Deacon, the head Deacon of the church and a leader in the ministry with the men of the ministry. when I came to the church I thought I was coming to help my granddaughter, which I do but, when I got into the ministry for men she became a help to me spiritually. I have learned so much as the Holy Spirit teaches through her and it is all Bible. 
I came from deep Baptist roots and I was taught many things including women are not suppose to teach. When I hear her and see how she loves like Jesus, when I hear her rebuke and chastise then love the people of God back up and encourage them. I am not only proud but, I realize that someone taught me something wrong. She teaches that if it been done wrong long, it is still wrong! That changed my life. I don't have any more time to live wrong. I admire her as a teacher and giver of Godly counsel because that is what has help to change my life, I am stronger now!
What I love most is that there is no difference among us as Christ' Body and there is so much love that flows from her to the people of God. I wasn't sure when I came in but I have never been more sure than I am now that my granddaughter is a gift from heaven and she is a good child. Despite all that I know that she has gone through, she is a strong Woman of God. When I listen to her, when I look at her and I see her working in the vineyard of the Lord, I have but one thing to say and that is there is a God above!
A proud grandfather and Sr. Deacon transformed,
Deacon Charles Austin
"A brother kept by God, through a true sister"
A CTA employee working in a world within this world I have experienced many kinds as that kind myself. I had relationships with men single and married. I had sex in hopes of promoting my work status. Approached by lesbians and invited to get involved in homosexual relationships; a kiss perhaps out of curiosity but, I made a decision not to go any further. I cheated on a relationship with an employee where I became pregnant and had an abortion.  I was messed up! 
God is everywhere! In the midst of it all I met a pastor on the job. I became a member for two years. It became the foundation for what God had in store for me. Relocating his life and ministry to another state he took me to another church where he introduced me to who would become my new pastor. He informed me that he was placing me in good hands. Received by her, she assured me that my life would only grow stronger in the Lord, as she received me with a big hug. I attended the women’s ministry, where women are transformed into Ladies of The Lord, Jesus Christ. Evident of change came as my family, coworkers and associates acknowledged it. Still a work in progress, my ungodly desires are disappearing; my worldly appetite has decreased and I no longer do the things that displease God. Lust, is now a thing of the past.
Today, I’ve been celibate for more than seven years. No longer am I the weak person I had become. I’m learning to put and keep my trust in God! My leader, the founder of The Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Apostle Arnetta Salazar, affirms me as a tree that has been planted by the rivers of God, well watered who shall not be moved. She tells me that I am beautiful despite how I sometimes feel.  I am eternally grateful for a role model, a mentor and an example of a holy god-fearing woman of wisdom such as her.
I thank God for impartations of godliness. Knowing that I can sometimes be a challenge because I am head strong and stuck in my ways, God is working on that! Apostle Salazar confirms that I am under reconstruction as a caterpillar in a cocoon and when God releases me from my cocoon I’ll fly high like a beautiful butterfly. I can’t wait! In the process of my life changing experience with God, I now desire to go out into the world, witness and win souls for Christ! Thank you, Lord, Jesus, Apostle Salazar and the Ladies of The Lord, Jesus Christ women’s ministry of Heaven Hands Ministry International Church. Thank you for loving me and for keeping it real!   
Peace & Blessings,
Ruthie Donson      
I was passive, needy and naïve. I settled for less by allowing myself to be taken advantage of by pleasing others while neglecting myself. I allowed my past to dictate to me which caused me to settle even the more. I was broken within and tried to fill the void I felt by looking for love in all the wrong places-quick fixes that were temporary and made matters worse.  I lost sight of my worth. I felt alone and at times lost and abandoned. A member of Ladies of The Lord, Jesus Christ all I can say is, total life transformation! I’m nothing like I use to be. I now see that the void I was looking to be filled; only Jesus could fill it,
I’ve learned that he’s the only one who could make me whole and he has done it. I have a personal relationship with the Lord now and I’ve fallen in love with this amazing God! He has shown me that I am special to him. He is everything that I needed to get healed and delivered from my past and to live a blessed present and future. My leader has taught me that I was not created to be a floor mat for anyone, neither do I have to compromise who I am to be accepted. Being delivered I understand that I don’t have to be controlled by my past, because it is what it is, my past, its history. She has taught me that my past is “His-story!”
Now it has become my testimony of what he has done for me! Truly I now know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Never, ever again do I have to feel alone because I have been taught by the power of the Holy Spirit in my leader that the Lord promised He’ll NEVER ever leave me nor forsake me, He’ll be with me ALWAYS!   I have been blessed many times over because of this ministry. Having a leader that lives her example is priceless which has helped me understand how to live my life.
The ministry is a blessing because it teaches you to surrender who you are so the Lord can transform you into whom he has destined you to be. This ministry is a blessing, it is Bible believing, Bible teaching and Bible preaching. I’m learning how to study, know and believe (building my faith) in the Word of God without compromise. I’m blessed to be a part of such an awesome ministry, no words can fully express and explain my heartfelt gratitude; it has forever changed my life.
Sincerely: Sister J. L. J.  
My life before becoming a Lady of the Lord was not the most pleasant. I was a liar, a thief, disobedient, lustful thinking, and the list goes on. I thought that I was just the worst because of all the sin and mess I had done. I tell you when God wipes your slate clean, even when you feel like the filthiest rag on earth, your sins are forgiven. Too many times I allowed myself to be deceived by Satan, but not anymore.
I am proud to say that everything that the devil tried to use against my life and the strongholds he tried to use to keep me down did not prosper because of the hand of God on my life. When I became a Lady of the Lord, I became peaceful with God and I was able to start a true relationship with Him. I thank God for the teachings and for my open heart he has given me to receive what he, God, has planned for me. My youth mentors at church have also been a blessing.
My gratitude for the ministry, The Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ, is, if it had not been for the correction and the support of the older ladies of this ministry, I wouldn’t have received the strength I gained from the many words of encouragement that I needed while going through the valley experiences of life. I thank God for the Ladies of the Lord. 
I did not know what a women’s ministry was because I had never been a part of one before. I was just very committed and active at my church.  God has brought balance to my life as a woman in the Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Women’s Ministry.    I look forward to our women’s ministry meeting every month where we have praise, worship, and fellowship and get the Word of God, which, is always a life changing experience. 
I am so very grateful to God for my pastor’s vision for this women’s ministry. Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Women’s Ministry has really brought me closer to God in my relationship with him.  Learning my purpose and destiny has become most important of all. Answering the call of God as a Missionary and women’s ministry leader, doing the work of Jesus Christ in the lives of others is humbly rewarding!
Thank You, Apostle Salazar. 
Missionary Karen Clark 
My life before The Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ women’s ministry was a rocky one.  I didn’t know the authority I had as a woman of God. I did my own thing! I didn’t listen for God’s instructions or purpose for my life. In my flesh, I allowed the devil to control me and my thoughts, including my marriage, my husband and my family. I had gotten to a point where I felt my prayers weren’t getting answered, I was not in tune with God, nor did I allow him to direct and guide my life. Needless to say things got out of control; things that I couldn’t control anymore. When, I first came to The Ladies of The Lord I was just a woman but now I am a Woman of God, a wife, a mother and a sister to the sisters in Christ. The Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ women’s ministry showed me how to love myself as the person then as the woman that God has created me to be. I understand what it is that God wants from me as well as wants to get out of my life. 
As a woman transforming into a Lady of the Lord, I am learning how to release hurt and pains from my past; how to let go of the frustrations, un-forgiveness and passivity. I’m learning how to let God! I am growing in the study of God’s word. Not knowing it, I have learned that I was on my way to Hell but having the life changing experiences with God in this ministry has assured me that I am now Heaven bound. Because of this ministry I can truly say that I am free and I feel so much better! Though God is still working on me, I am better than I was before I came to this ministry. I am very grateful that God birthed this ministry. I love to see Women of God come together and share their life stories and testimonies of how God brought them out of their situations. 
I really love how you can come as you are, speak what’s on your mind, be corrected in love and in the Word of God and increase in the knowledge and power of God. Here,  you are not judged because of where you have come nor because of things you have done or because of how long you have done them rather you are encouraged to take and make it your life’s testimony of what God used to make and mold you into what you have become for His glory. This ministry helps you as you walk through and out of the various journeys you experience with, the Lord on your side.  I love my sisters of the Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ ministry and I am blessed to be a part of it.  
Thank you Jesus,
sister CT.  
Before becoming a Lady of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I was always following a trend, thinking the latest thing in the world would allow me to feel whole and accepted, Not!
 As a Lady of the Lord, I now have peace in Christ, Jesus. I don’t do anything without His direction. I listen for His still, small voice and I am now able to be kinder toward others, minister to others and help others.
I am grateful for the ministry Ladies of the Lord, Jesus Christ, because when we gather, we share our everyday life stories and we love one another. As an outreach ministry we take that same love, the love of Christ Jesus into the community and even into nations.
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