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"And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my Spirit."
Joel 2:29; Acts 2:18
Apostle Arnetta Armour Salazar

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Man's inability to understand the "spiritual" things of God, the things that control and dictate to mankind and all creation will hinder many during these end-times.
1 Corinthians 2:14 (emphasis added),
"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they
are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."
WARNING! If you are not with God, through Christ Jesus, you are taking the chance of a life time. For it is only in Christ Jesus, that you becomespiritually alive. The born-again experience is that which makes man alive spiritually to and with God Almighty! Only those that have accepted the free gift of Salvation  through His Son, Jesus Christ, will have access to God (access to the Holy Spirit of God).
Who is the Holy Spirit of God? He is the agent of God operating in the earth today carrying out orders of God and revealing to man through dreams, visions, mysteries and revelations the spiritual things of God. He reveals what God is doing in the heavens, the earth and beneath the earth. In addition, he's revealing what man needs to know about current events, what is happening in the earth today, what's to come in the earth soon. Things that will effect the very life of all mankind.
It is the "end-time" hour where "all" flesh is being being used to know what God is doing as well as what's about to take place in the earth (Acts 2:17). How? Through dreams and visions. 
Honored to be among that kind God, has shown me many things. Things that have and are coming to pass. Things that have shakened the entire globe. Things that are mysteriously stunning, breath taking, and captivating the very mind of man. We are witnessing the very Miracles, Signs and Wonders of the Heavens and Earth!
Below are just a few of the dreams, visions and the art work prophetically drawn of things I've seen. As a Pastor, I know that the doors of the Gentiles (those that are not Jews) are closing. I want to appeal to you that if, you have not received the free gift of Salvation in Christ, Jesus, now would be the best time to make the best decision you'll ever make. Give your life and live your life for Jesus Christ!
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Dream: Lying asleep on the sofa I was awaken by a touch on my right knee, it was Jesus. He had returned from His business in the West. His Words were, "I am done now and have returned." He then continued walking past me. I knew immediately what He spoke of. See dream below: Jesus Walking West In the Earth  (2010).

I sat straight up, starring at the east wall in my home. This was not the first time I had been visited by Jesus Christ, who came through a wall to speak to me. I was amazed yet numb by his presence and the words He spoke. I knew immediately what he meant and that was that the end of the end-times was nearer to its end. 

Dream: I saw a sky that was very deep ryal blue dark. There were frosted white-like clouds moving across it. Then suddenly a shadow appeared, it came from afar but approached me quickly. The closer the shadow came the clearer it became. The shadow formed into the shadow of a man, standing up on the clouds. Finally upfront before me I could see that it was Jesus Christ standing with out stretched arms. I was awe stricken as it was a most beautiful sight to see. Starring at me, he folded his hands in front of himself. Looking over to his right, looking down, he began to shake his head in disgust. He was looking down through the clouds at us here in the earth. Not very pleased he looked up again and stretched his arms then he said, "I am ready and waiting now to receive the children of my Father. He just stood there in position ready and waiting. 

I didn't just wake up, I floated backward and as I was back in place my eyes opened. So then perhaps he didn't float to me but pulled me towards him. Which ever it was I saw Jesus beautiful standing on the clouds waiting for us the true Believers, the redeemed, the Children of God! I rejoiced and entered into a praise and a worship, overwhelmed by his presence.  

2011 was filled with increased dreams and visions as time sped up (and continues to speed up) affected the earth and caused tragic calamities. Dreams God gave in 2011 came to pass.

Stockton, MN
The East Coast
Jan. 2012-Codova, AL
Feb. 2012 - Chicago, IL
Feb. 2012-Tokyo, Japan
April 2012 - New York, Pennsylvania 
Artwork  Coming Soon
Happened: Japan Tsunami - 2011 U.S. Nuclear Plants Scare.

Babylon Returns- Roman Soldier Enters New York's from the Eastern Skyline (July 2010)
Happened: July 24, 2011
Same sex Marriage Law Approved In New York

DREAM: Standing in New York looking up at the skyline, clouds began to roll. Debris began falling from the sky. To my right (East) a large square block appeared as it slammed down on the cloud. Then more of it appeared, it was an old ancient Roman Soldier that appeared to be loosed from cement it had been burried in. One foot after the next this big square footed soldier marched. As he aligned with me, he looked down and smile at me. Looking up in total disbelief, I could not believe my eyes. I tried to figure out what this soldier was doing, why he was walking across the sky and what did he want. He represented the old Roman empire and all of it's wickedness. It had come across the Atlantic Ocean from the East into the US from within New York. We are in trouble! These were my words as I woke up.  


Part 1 of 2
This dream was more than a dream, it was a revelation from God, that Christ, Jesus, is walking the earth and that the Judgment of God is with him.
I saw the demonic forces in the fires.
Happening Now In: 2012 - Colorado Springs, CO, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Russia, Italy, Spain,Africa, etc 
Note: To verify the events that have happened simply Google the event (i.e. wild fires, snow storms, floods, etc...).
Prophetic Art by: Shawn Warren
Copyright @ 2012 by Arnetta Armour Salazar
All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in  part
Holy Spirit Rain Down
Calvin Bridges
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