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October 2015 - World Event Update

So much is happening around the world! Currently a hurricane at a magnitude never known before in the earth hit Mexico sending many waters into Texas. The 2016 Political race is running rampant with confused candidates. Politicians are resigning and the White House's future just doesn't look bright. Things hidden in darkness are being uncovered and people are facing judgments. The Sodomites are on the loose and disrespect to the Law is rising in every are and category; the law is loosing credibility due to lawless and violent officers. Planned Parenthood has been uncovered and is loosing funding, thank God! Youg folk are violently shooting at ill thoughts they're having about racial issues and other hate and suicidal crimes events. It's just a mess! 

The "Good New" is that God's Word, the Holy Bible is full of prophecies that warns of these very things. Even Jesus Christ warned of things that the earth would see that it has never seen (Hurricane Patricia). Well, I think it fair to say that if what has been prophesied is unfolding, then the very return of Jesus Christ is about to unfold as well! War preparations for the deadliest war ever, WW3, the Financial Market falling and crashing. Still, the greatest Harvest of God is taking place. Mankind being beheaded, terrorist take over and martyrs for Christendom reeks worldwide. 

Are YOU Prepared???? Both for things to come and for the great catching away of the "true" Believers, are you ready??? Disasters are on the increase and time is winding up for the church to leave the earth! Are you ready???

A few steps to follow after Christ and the rest of the time you have here on earth to live according, are you ready? Start here then go here. You'll never be the same!


Phase 2 of The Constellation of The Apostles began! 

November 8, 2014 - we regathered and the Lord added new ones. It was phenomenal! However, due to the in climate weather and traveling, no meetings were held in December or until February 2015. We will resume March 14, 2015. Excited about what God is going to do this year.

2014 Kenya, East, Africa Journey - CANCELLED!  

This journey was cancelled! Due to current events and to ensure our safety God didn't allow but one Missionary to have their travel finances in place. What better way to keep us home safe and sound. Look at Daddy God! As a result all funds raised were sent on to the "In Heaven Eyes" Center in Jesus' name so that the staff and children could carry on. We thank God for His mercy and grace and for His loveE towards us and the children. Next journey, 2016, unless the Lord says otherwise!  


Missions Support Update 

Virtuous Works Welcomes Apostle Jerry Taylor Visionary of The Apostolic Kingdom Network and Pastor of Salvation Church of God!

On Friday, August 28, 2014, Apostle Jerry Taylor, his network and church family, Salvation Church of God, stirred hearts for missions at his Africa Mission Network. The service was awesome as was the Word of God that was shared with us by Pastor Godfrey, Director of African Missions (Apostolic Kingdom Network). The "Mail" He delivered the "Mail!" We were "financially" encouraged to speak positive over our funds, believe God for increase and to ask and believe God to: "Bless me indeed, enlarge my coasts; keep His hand upon me and do not let me fall into temptation." .....and the Church said, "Amen!"    

After the Word, Apostle Jerry Taylor announced that his Network was pledging their support to me as a missionary for this years' journey mission to Africa. Hallelujah! God is a great and awesome God!

I look forward to the continued fellowship of our new networking relationship. Kudos to both Apostle Jerry and Dr. Darlene Taylor for sharing with God's people who are in need (Romans 12:13a NIV), in Nyahururu, Kenya East Africa through Virtuous Works for Christ Global Ministries, Inc. !

Blessing to you both!
Apostle A. Salazar  

Mission Journey Update - Kenya, East Africa
October 14 - November 1, 2012
CoLabourers With Christ - AFRICA
Apostle Carolyn Vessel, Visionary
I didn't make this journey but supported it! Providing funds to help ensure the care for the chldren as well as funds for the shipment of a computer. A phone call of love expressed that I was indeed missed as the missionaries went forward with the leader, Apostle Carolyn Vessel. The report is, that the work for this journey mission was accomplished!
I will share the full report as soon as I recieve it!
Please, consider supporting this ministry so that I can continue to not only support the cause of this great ministy work but, travel to be a part of the manual labor necessary to help keep it cuccessful.
The Constellation of the Apostles
July 2012
Note: The First level Phase I has been completed! Those that I was to inform they came, heard, confirmed and agreed that not only is it the ministry of God but the information foretold and revealed was the work of the Holy Spirit! PHASE I - finished!
It's time to go to the next level - PHASE II!

The Constellation of the Apostle
Monday, June 25, 2012
Apostle Arnetta Salazar
This month's gathering continued to provide information and updates on the disastrous and destructive current events of the elements. We continue to keep a close watch on the elements as well as the events (Solar Flares) in the sky above and the things in the earth and below it. The Extreme Heat in the Central and Southern states bear witness to the fact that Mother Earth is bearing down and in pain. The whole creation is moaning and groaning for the return of Christ. Yet and still the earth must encounter the evil one himself, the Anti-Christ. With that being said, watch as well as pray. Be prepared! All homes and carsshould be equipped with survival kits.
"Scarlet Cords" are still available for those who believe! Call 1 877 869-0426 to request one for your house today. Speak slowly and leave your name, mailing address and a call back number with the best time to contact you and you will be contacted by a member of my team.
The most recent event is the wild and super destructive fires in Colorado Springs, CO, Arizona and surrounding states. I reminded the gathering of the visions from God where I was shown a great destructive fire in the West. CLICK here to view the dream and prophetic art work of "Fire In The West" that I had in January 2011. The manifestation of the things that God has shown me in dreams and visions are certainly signs of the end-times.
I shared the dream "The Sin-Sick Apostles" - June 2012
In summary God revealed why many apostles aren't operating in the capacity they could. Their sins were many and asking for forgiveness has become a learned behavior with no sincerity to have a change of heart. After asking for forgiveness they go right back to being their flesh selves. 
It was the combination of sins along with pride that turned everything BLACK. I saw apostles lying in a hospital ward that was filled to capacity and the room was as long as my eyes could see. They were all hooked up to containers that drained BLACK stuff from within them. Pride however, was that which caused them to loose their place and relationship with God. Job 41: 1, 34, gives the full details.
After we read and focusing on Job 41 the revelation revealed wasthat there are many apostles who think they are serving King Jesus, only to find they are really serving another one who is also a king, Leviathan the spirit of PRIDE! Job 41: 34.
Our evening ended as we closed in prayer; afterwards, we enjoyed  good food and fellowship as we further discussed the spiritual things of God.
Mission Journey Update -Assesewa, Ghana, West Africa
November 29 - December 9, 2011
CCIM - Charlene Crossley International Ministries, Inc.
Apostle Charlene Crossley
The journey was very good - the journey purpose even better!
November 30, 2011:
We traveled with Apostle Crossley of CCIM and arrived in Accra on Wednesday, the 30th of November. We visited our famous restaurant Papaye's Home of the best fish and chicken roasted, fried and roasted complimented with a load of chips (french fries). We feasted well as we knew it would be a couple of weeks before returning home to our American cuisine.
December 1, 2011:
We traveled to the village where the CCIM Center was built to honor and conduct the graduation ceremony of the first graduating class from the CCIM Sewing Training Center. Apostle Crossley was overwhelmed with joy as we patiently rode the mountains up to the village.
When we arrived we were greeted by Madam Georgina Siakor who worked diligently with the girls in preparation of their graduation and celebration the following day (Dec 2, 2011).
It was wonderful to be a part of such a great event. The expressions on their faces gave me a warm thank you Jesus smile! That smile was my gratitude for God allowing me to be a part of that special time in the life and ministry of Apostle Crossley as well the vision of God for that village.
Mission Update - Chicago Roseland  Community
Beyond The Walls Outreach Street Ministry
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Apostle Arnetta Salazar
It is for Christ, indeed that we witness and minister in the park to the lost souls. We provided hot off the grill meals with accompanying snacks and refreshing beverages. We shared the love and Gospel of Jesus.
Talk about having fun in the Son, we did! As we neared the end of this event it began to pour. The rain fell and blanketed us. In soaked garments, joy over took us we began to feel God's presence. With determination to serve until all of the food ran out, we continued to feed the hungry. The more it rained, the more God sent and we kept on serving the Lord by serving others!
At the close of this event, the church, Heaven Hands Ministries joined me as we distributed 100 pre-filled Back -to-School Back Packs loaded with everything a child would need to start school. Our God, is an awesome God!
Niyahururu, Kenya, East Africa
October 2010
IHE - CLWC USA & Africa
Apostle Carolyn L. Vessel
Awesome! Every time I go it gets better and better.
Our main purpose was to check up on our children and ensure they have the best of everything to the best of our ability. That means new everything since we go once every two years; bedding, clothes, uniforms and new shoes. We make sure the center is freshly painted and all fixtures are done. Then we lay more love on them with items (caps, coats, accessories and more) from the CLWC Partners from the USA.
We bring them goody-treats, takes pictures and we spend lots of time loving them. We sponsor conferences and workshops for the children, pastors, men and women. We gather with the leaders of the land and God does the rest!
This journey was great as I watched and participated with over 12 missionaries who came, volunteered, worked with and loved the children of IHE (In Heaven's Eyes). 
On into the villages we ministered at locations in various villages. We went to other schools and encouraged their leaders and teachers. But, there was nothing to compare to our time with our Kenyan family as we supped and recalled great times from previous trips over cups of hot tea.
Our evenings ended in ministry as we returned nightly to our home away from home where we were pampered by our hosts, the Hardins and encouraged by our Visionary Apostle Carolyn L. Vessel and CLWC spiritual papa Apostle Lorenzo Irving. 
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