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My 1st Book 

"From Trash To Triumph"

Netta, The Testimony of A Victorious Rose!

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Author's Bio

Dr. Arnetta Armour Salazar was born in Chicago, Illinois (1961), to very young parents. Impacted by the crisis of her young father’s death, her immediate family was seriously affected. Arnetta suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse as her mother’s victim. Her home became an infestation of things a child should never be subject to. Despite all she survives it all and becomes a victorious triumphant conqueror over it all! Her life story is inspiring!



Contact: Dr. Arnetta Armour Salazar
Website: www.Netta.Me

New Xulon Autobiography Tells Story Of Abuse To Triumph
Dr. Salazar’s true story captivates, convinces, informs and confirms proof of God.
MAITLAND, FL— Within the pages of Dr. Arnetta Armour Salazar’s new book, From Trash To Triumph, ($25.49, paperback, 9781498445733; $9.99, e-book, 9781498445740)readers will read a compelling, encouraging and true story about God’s love shared through the author’s rough life of a little girl who grows up in life, has struggles, survives and is granted a new relationship with God, through Jesus Christ – and becomes a triumphant and victorious conqueror in Him. The author shares truths about God, His love, salvation, healing and deliverance power, simplified. The main message of her testimony is inspiration – to encourage readers to know that they can be triumphant in this life through Jesus Christ. It is to show that hope and faith are the elements needed to bring supernatural transformation by way of the love and power of God.
“My hope is that the reader will believe the reality that God is still alive today,” states the author. “That they will never lose hope regardless of life's challenges. I want them to take away the truth that if they will believe, God is with mankind to help us, to heal and to deliver us from evil; that God will keep us (the true Believers) eternally.”
Dr. Arnetta Armour Salazar has served as Senior Pastor of Heaven Hands Ministries International Church, Inc. for 15+ years. She is a fire-filled shepherdess, Pastor, teacher, evangelist, apostle and Prophetess of God. She impacts everyone with her powerful knowledge of God’s Word, His Truth, and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit – who gives her insight to the mysteries of God. As a Humanitarian, she does local and international missions work. Dr. Salazar is CEO/Executive Director of Virtuous Works for Christ Global Ministries, Inc. Her ministries are “Ministries of Holy Excellence!” She also is an entrepreneur, published author, poet, songwriter, and vocalist.
Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order From Trash To Triumph through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. 

The Paperback and eBook is available online through at and 


The Book - Back Cover   
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and
by the word of their testimony…”
Revelation 12:11 NKJV
A lost and shattered mind was found, gathered, restored, transformed and renewed.
A body molested, raped, and beaten, her life of “trash” was picked up on “trashed lives” garbage day where she was taken to God’s vineyard to be sifted for remnants.
A lost soul, found in the rubbish of life; was comforted, healed, delivered and set free.
From the dead, she was resuscitated by God to live again; a recipient of a “second chance” life!
A heart broken, filled with pain, sadness and sin, was replaced with the heart of God.
A life rejected, was received, loved, and redirected.
A valuable remnant, no longer a victim, a survivor, she is victorious!
Not scarred, but sacred! Not conquered, but now more than a conqueror!
No longer trampled on, but trampling on devils, demons and the works of the enemy!
No longer bound, but binding up that which once held her captive!
Not powerless, but powerful through Christ, Jesus, over all the power of the enemy!
This is the testimony and love story of Netta; taken from Trash to Triumph! A Victorious Rose! 

Thanks in advance for your support!

Dr. Arnetta Armour Salazar

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