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Before you request your "Red Cord", here are some items you should have in you home, car, at the office and even at church in case of emergency or disaster. BE PREPARED#!

You should have 3 Plastic BINS for home and or Church filled with the following:

BIN 1 - filled with an assortment of Medical Supplies/Meds/Other Items: bandages, tape, antibiotic ointment, alcohol, peroxide, Sani Wipes, instant ice paks, instant heat packs, band aids (various sizes), pain meds (aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Alieve, etc), support wraps for sprains, wooden paint stir sticks for splints (in case of bone breakages), thermometers, eye wash, ointments, med sprays, gauze (various sizes), saniery napkins, diapers, pull-Ups, Depends (think all ages), bath wipes & cloths, toilet paper and extra medications (for all), doggy meds, baby meds, etc...

BIN-2 - filled with Supplies; flashlights, batteries, NOAA Radio, Knifes, hammers, screwdrivers, Tape (different kinds), Rope, Twine, Fire (cigarette lighters, Bic Candle Lighters, matches), Strong Work Gloves (in case you have to lift glass and wood), Click & Glow lights, Camper's Cooker, butane, plates, cups, dish soap, dry towels, a couple of pots, a skillet, utensils, plastic dish pan or bowl, filtering water bottles, etc... a couple changes of clothes for all in the house and a few extra pieces in case someone else needs some. Good sturdy running shoes (rubber),            

BIN 3 - Filled with non-perishable food items. Enough to last at least three weeks to a month or more. Include snack and health bars, some hard or jellied candy, juice boxes, bottled and canned breakfast and health drinks. Be creative add whatever else you want.   

Have a family meeting, have a family plan and yes, all of this for you, your family, neighbors, and others that may need your help! Everyone in the house should know where these BINS are and respect them for emergencies only. By all means rotate food items. Can goods are good for 10 years regardless of date on can; unless swollen or badly dented, toss them immediately! Remember have lots of flash lights or like lanterns, no fire candles. Prevent a hazard, save your life!  

A Back Pack for Work filled with: An assortment of the above food and med items in case you are stuck there. When the alarm rings, grab you Back Pack and follow the plan. At least you'll have something. Also, include a pair of sturdy work gloves, a glass breaker, sturdy running shoes, a transistor radio so you can hear what going on if you can't get a NOAA radio. 3-4 Bottles of Waters, Snack bars, Candy (limit yourself), a couple changes of under wear (rolled in Ziplock bags), a roll of toilet paper, great to catch tinkles until you can get to a restroom or safe spot, great for men too (they have some just for you). Think camping, think survival. 

A Duffle Bag for Car filled with: Many of the same items above especially Flashlight, lots of batteries, water something things to eats and a heavy warm blanket. Hand and feet warmers (snap & heat packs), An emergency Cell phone (unless Servers and Towers are down.Water for you and for car (2 Gallon jugs) A cardboard sign for Window with you name and ICE (In Case of Emergency) information on it so others can help you better, faster! Stay in your car until help comes! Unless you deem it best to leave. Know the area if you don't stay in car! Don't under estimate water turn around don't drown! In the Winter it's warmer in the car that than outside! Think SMART! Think SURVIVAL! 

Last but not least HAVE SOME CASH! Tuck in a BIN, your BACK PACK and or your DUFFLE BAG! You can do it! Put it there, leave it there, don't touch it! Yes you can!



Now for that 

Spiritual Safety CLICK HERE

For that "Red Cord"
The scarlet cord is symbolic! Just as the scarlet cord that hung in the window of Rahab the Harlot's house served as a binding agreement between her and the spies of Joshua to passover, save Rahab, her home and the lives of all of her family during the time of destruction of that city; by the scarlet cord Rahab and her whole house was saved.
Just as the blood of an unblemished lamb was painted on the doorpost of the homes of the "Children of Israel" in Egypt; as God's judgment was being poured out upon Egypt, death moved through the land killing off all of the first born of Egypt. All except God's children. The blood of that lamb was the symbolic item used as a sign to death to pass over their homes. As a result the "Children of Israel" was saved.
Both the scarlet cord (Joshua 2; 6:17-24) and the blood of a lamb (Exodus 12:7-12) was used as a symbolic sign and a promise that destruction and death in the land would pass over, save and keep a people safe a people who obeyed and believed. God said that if those that accepted the cord would believe (have faith) that those would his power save again.
At the March 28, 2012, gathering of The Constellation of the Apostles; while the primary focus was on our coming together in obedience to God, there was instructions from the Holy Spirit to prepare for the disasters to come.
While God had me doing this since 2009, I was released to share at this meeting the urgency of the coming of severe disastrous times. Times that if we were going to survive until the coming of Christ, we would have to be prepared for it. How? Through obedience and preparation as God's judgment passes through the land! Though times will be hard, there will be survivors! Though it is not time yet for Jesus Christ to return to take the Saints of God out of the earth, there'll be destructive, disastrous and hard times coming.
The prophecies of The bible are being fulfilled, the anticipated drought , famine and death of thousands has already begun. The inability to maintain cattle who are dying with disease is at hand. Farmers unable to maintain crop is becoming over whelming and mankind watches as it all unfolds. The elements (earth, wind, fire and water) operating out of control. This is not the hour to see and do nothing but it is a time to get into alignment with God so that his people can and will be kept by him, the keeper,
As a result of my obedience, God instructed me to purchase, pray over and anoint the scarlet red cords he commanded me to buy. Then, I was to distribute them to those he lead me to as well as those that he brings into my path. For those who will believe and obey the instructions God, promised that he would pass over those houses and his judgment passes through the land.
If you believe, click on "Contact Me/Guest Book" scroll to bottom of page to request your scarlet cord. Complete the form and send today!
All you've got to do is BELIEVE!
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